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About Feima Robotics

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Good tools are essential to do the job well.With innovations of the state-of-the art technologies, we provide excellent UAVtools for our customers to achieve their goals of high precision, highefficiency and high safety.

Founded in 2015 bysenior managers jointly with senior experts in IT and UAV technology, ShenzhenFeima Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. (Feima Robotics) is world leading solutionprovide for UAV and modern geospatial applications.

Feima Robotics hasR&D centers in Shenzhen, Beijing and Tianjin, totally more than 200 staffin the research team. With more than 20 years’ accumulation in technology andmarketing, and with the experience in IT product design and industrialmanufacturing, Feima Robotics is dedicated to provide UAV and geo-spatial solutions with integrated software and hardware and one-stop spatial datasystem service.

Feima Roboticsadheres to the core culture of Innovation, Value and Integrity, and aims to be a leader in the global UAV industry.

So far, focus onthe aerial survey and remote sensing, Feima Robotics has released about 20types of intelligent UAV system for aerial survey/remotesensing/patrol/emergency applications including F series, D series, V series, Pseries, and dynamic 3D mobile surveying platforms including SLAM handheld laserscanners. Feima Robotics has gained a wide range of users and solid reputationin the industry.

Headquartered inShenzhen City, the Silicon Valley and innovation hub in China, Feima Roboticsbenefits from direct access to the suppliers, raw materials, and young creativetalent pool necessary for sustained development and success. Start on theseresources, we have grown from a single small office in 2015 to now more than500 employees with two wholly-owned subsidiaries and a training center inBeijing and Tianjin, namely Beijing Feima Robotics Technology Co., Ltd, TianjinFeima Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. and Tianjin UAV System Application TrainingCenter.

Feima Robotics,explore the future.