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Maptek I-Site 8810

Maptek I-Site 8810
编号 : A020
价格 : 13910106639
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Maptek I-Site 8810 Laser Scanner

The Maptek I-Site 8810 is the next generation of scanning hardware. The latest long range model builds on the superior range and tools of the I-Site 8800 and adds features from the I-Site 8400. The Maptek I-Site 8000 series scanners are the only terrestrial laser scanners rated to IP65 to withstand the tough mining environment.

Extra long range. Outstanding accuracy. Easy to use. Productive interface. Developed for mining.

Streamlined setup and improved scan accuracy combine to deliver the fastest and most reliable method of acquiring scan data.

The I-Site 8810 is the only scanner with a fully integrated digital camera, enabling simultaneous capture of 3D laser point clouds with overlaid photo pixels. It features an integrated GPS and digital compass. Surveyor productivity is set to soar with a new user interface and wireless toughbook controller.


  • Safety: The most portable scanner for rapid survey in dangerous or inaccessible environments

  • Productivity: Designed to guide survey workflow, improving efficiency of field tasks and delivery of results

  • Proven: Rated to IP65 for environmental protection

  • Accuracy: Detailed 3D geological mapping and reliable volume calculations

  • Versatility: Short and long range scanning in one premium, easy to use instrument

  • Integration: Extra long range scanning combined with digital imaging and modelling software

  • Flexibility: Multiple options for scan storage and scan management

  • Ruggedised: Exceptional temperature range for scanner storage and operation


  • Laser scanner: Collects 8800 laser points per second at a range of up to 2000 metres, with 80° vertical and 360° horizontal fields of view

  • Integrated digital camera: 70 mega pixel panoramic camera, with no calibration or alignment required

  • Ergonomic design: Developed for 1 person operation and field portability, all features are built in

  • Alignment telescope: Integrated, motorised survey grade telescope for backsighting

  • Inbuilt tools: Internal digital compass and integrated GPS further streamline infield survey

  • Wireless controller: Panasonic toughbook for parameter definition, scan management and viewing

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